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Three Backbones = Speed and Reliability

The Benchmark Server Center in Baltimore, Maryland is OnNet with GlobalCenter (GC), Qwest Communications and Genuity/GTE through three separate bandwidth-on-demand connections which are present within the building.

GC, a Tier 1 provider  whose 13,000-mile fiber optic network and Dense Wave Division Multiplexing (DWDM) technology provide an enormous 460 gigabytes per second (Gbps) of capacity worldwide, has an Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) fiber node located just a few floors below the Benchmark Server Center.

Qwest comes into Baltimore with an OC-12 line and plans to upgrade their connection to an OC-48 in the near future. They also have an ATM fiber node a few floors below the Benchmark Server Center. The Qwest connection enables to offer additional redundancy and better routes to Europe, Latin America and Asia.

Genuity, until recently a division of GTE, is our third Tier One Internet backbone. Genuity provides excellent network performance as a result of their high-speed peering arrangements with other Tier One Internet backbone providers. The GTE global network delivers customers directly onto the Internet via a high-speed connection to its private,  super-capacity backbone, including 17,000 miles of fiber and OC192 capacity. It  is comprised of more than 800 U.S. local access points and approximately 1,500  international local access points in more than 150 countries.

With this combination of three carriers, our router has up to 150,000 possible routes to send each packet of traffic. Furthermore, because of these unique connections, does not need to link to the Internet though an OC3 or T3 Telecom circuit. Instead, independent cables run inside our building directly from the Server Center to all three carrier points of presence. These lines can handle the bandwidth of a T3 or an OC3 with DWDM. Plus, they handle several times the bandwidth of an OC3. Whatever  your bandwidth needs may be, has the scalability to meet  them.

Below Capacity Servers and Network Yield High Performance

All Benchmark web servers have high performance Pentium III processors, SCSI3 hard drives and a minimum of 512 Megabytes of memory. Furthermore, neither the servers nor the network system are loaded beyond responsible capacity. Too often providers operate their servers and their networks at three to four times responsible capacity. As a result, their corresponding transfer times become s-l-o-o-o-w! Benchmark's network daily average is less than half its capacity with midday peak spikes reaching only 67% capacity. This means that our Server Center provides you with superfast performance that you can count on!

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