Benchmark quality low cost web hosting services for personal, economy and ecommerce web sites include free domain name and free shopping cart software.


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Great Reseller Plan:

Get started hosting websites the easy way!

If you arenít yet ready for your own dedicated server but want to get started in the hosting business, we can offer you the next best thing!

You are the hosting company for your clients! When you become a reseller for, you can become the visible hosting company for your clients. Everything your clients see will have your name on it. We stay completely in the background. You can even put your name on the control panel your client uses to manage his domain!

Big Profit Potential! The domain packages you resell to your clients have exactly the same features as those offered for sale by benchmark. And you receive a 50% discount on each one. In addition, you arenít bound by our selling prices. You can resell the domain for whatever price you agree upon with your client.

We make setup easy! Since your master control panel allows you to add domains, setting up a resold account is as easy as filling out a short online form! Our automated system will set up your new clientís domain within 10 minutes after you submit the order.

We make support easy! Since your clients have their own domain control panels, they can manage their own accounts without asking you to do it.  In addition, we have generic versions of our own support pages available for your use. You can use them as is or copy them into your domain and put your name on them. Either way, most of your clients get the help they need without ever having to submit a trouble ticket, send an e-mail or make a telephone call!

We make marketing easy! Since the time consuming chores of setup and support are made easy, you can spend more time marketing your hosting business and attracting new clients. We make that easy by providing you with a tool to submit your site to major search engines. In addition, all the benefits that we offer become benefits that you offer! You can promote        (y)our world class network center, (y)our high speed redundant backbone connections, (y)our 99.5%+ system reliability. You can even promote the 24X7 monitoring of all servers, the tools on the control panel and the great support (yours) that backs it all up!

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